Mammoth Paper Craft for kids

Let`s make a paper-craft Mammoth.

I am fond of “Ice Age” and so I came up with a model of a mammoth in honor of Manny. This model is very simpleit consists of one detail. Here is the pattern(template) of a mammoth:
Mammoth pattern for paper crafts Cut along all the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines.

Paper Mammoth pattern

When you fold the pattern along the mid-line ,your mammoth will stand on its four legs.Then, tilt its head down, and curl the trunk:

Paper Mammoth craft

Now enjoy your Paper Mammoth with your kids. By the way, if you make the mammoth not of paper but of cardboard, it will be stronger and will be able not only to survive the ice age but all the childish games and pranks.З

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