Papercraft Tortoise step-by-step

Let`s learn how to make a papercraft tortoise. In fact, I (so far) came up with two models of paper turtles. The body, legs, head and tail are the same. The difference (but big) is only in the method of manufacturing the shell.

DIY papercraft tortoise -1

So, first learn how to make the little animal itself.

Tortoise details

I cut them, put them to the cardboard, circled them in pencil and cut them:

Papercraft tortoise detailes

On the two arcuate details you can see the slits in the middle. This grooves to insert them into each other.

Papercraft turtle making

Make bends on the neck and tail.

Paper tortoise detailes

These are valves for gluing.

Paper turtle manufacturing

I made shells from two identical circles of paper with a diameter about the length of a turtle’s pitch.

Paper turtle

I folded the first round like this:


Then I made a lot of cuts:

Papercraft -2

Very carefully unfolded and received a “napkin”.

Papercraft napkin

It remained to simply put it on the dome-shaped turtle.

Papercraft tortoise 1

DIY papercraft tortoise 2

I cut the second circle in a spiral:

Papercraft tortoise shell

And this spiral was put on the same base:

DIY paper tortoise

To fix these shaky designs, I cut slots at the base of the legs and wound the edges of the shell into them.

Another lesson on making a DIY turtle model is here: Paper Turtle.


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