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How to make an Easter basket

How to make an Easter basket What do you need: Scissors Coloring paper Colour cardboard Pen Glue Вrown marker Step 1 Cut the basket out of orange cardboard Step 2 Paint the basket with brown marker as shown in the photo Step 3 Cut out stripes of the colour paper ( yellow 20сm*1сm, velvet and

Papercraft Grasshopper

Let`s learn how to make a grasshopper out of paper. I myself made a model of a grasshopper right in the classroom.A realistic image of a grasshopper was taken as a landmark. Ten-year-old students looked at how I did, but did not copy, but did according to their projects.I got such an “Grasshopper”: I immediately

Papercraft Tortoise step-by-step

Let`s learn how to make a papercraft tortoise. In fact, I (so far) came up with two models of paper turtles. The body, legs, head and tail are the same. The difference (but big) is only in the method of manufacturing the shell. DIY papercraft tortoise -1 So, first learn how to make the little