How to make a wreath of dried flowers

                                                            How to make a wreath of dried flowers

– coffee coasters(you can use egg trays)
– PVA glue
– blender
– dried flowers
– glue gun
– thread, or thin wire
– white acrylic paint
– brush


Tear the coasters into pieces and soak in water. Once soaked, chop them with a blender until smooth. Squeeze out the water and add PVA glue. Mix well.
Lay out on cardboard in the form of a ring. Squeeze well. Leave to dry, at least two days. 

Step 2
After complete drying, make prints with white acrylic paint.

Step 3
Collect small bouquets of dried flowers and fasten them with thread or thin wire.

Step 4
Glue the bouquets to the base of the wreath.


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