How to make an Easter candle holder

                                                          How to make an Easter candle holder
In this post, I want to share the creation of an Easter candle holder. It will be a great decoration for your home or a great gift for family and friends for the holiday.
– plywood base (circle 20 cm in diameter)
– egg cartons
– quail eggs (empty)
– coconut shavings
– dry moss
– twigs
– feathers
– fir cones
– candle (in a glass beaker)
– heart shape made of bark

– sicator
– glue gun

Step 1
Cut out bells (13 pcs) from egg trays. Using a glue gun, glue them on the plywood base, in a circle.
Step 2
Fill the gaps between the bells with coconut shavings and glue them on.

Step 3
Decorate the candle holder. Cut pieces of twigs and glue them on top of the bells in a circle. Glue the quail eggs. Fill the gaps with dry moss. Glue the heart and feathers. In the center of each bell insert quail eggs and cones and glue them.
Put a candle in the center.
The Easter candle holder is ready.


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