How to make a wall candle holder from cement

                                                  How to make a wall candle holder from cement

– cement
– rectangular shape
– seashells
– candle
– juice straw
– twine
– silver acrylic paint
– tassel
– sandpaper

Step 1
Make a mortar of cement and water. 1:3 and pour into the mold.
Place a large seashell in the mortar. Make a prop at the bottom, so the shell won’t fall down.
On one side we make a decoration of seashells.
In the upper part we insert two tubes.


Leave to dry for 48 hours.
Step 2
Take the piece out of the mold. Sand the edges and the face of the candlestick with sandpaper.
Lightly coat the candlestick with acrylic paint. And leave it to dry for 20 minutes.

Step 3
Make a loop of twine to attach it. Insert the candle into the shell.

We have a very original candlestick.



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