How to make an Easter wreath

                                                                  How to make an Easter wreath

The Easter wreath is made in the form of a closed circle, this holiday symbolizes eternity and the sun. the traditional wreath of branches in its appearance is very similar to a bird’s nest and symbolizes home comfort and well-being. At the same time, the Easter wreath becomes a talisman of the house and will protect its inhabitants until the next holiday.

– The base of the wreath made of twigs. The branches must be fresh and bend well.
– Artificial flowers and greenery
– Plastic eggs, you can use Styrofoam, or hollow chicken eggs
– Rabbit figurine
– scissors
– glue gun

Fixing greenery to the base

Now distribute the flowers and greenery on the wreath and attach. Finally, attach the bunny figurine and eggs, as shown in the photo

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