How to make a candle with flowers

                                                                            How to make a candle with flowers
– cement
– sand
– paraffin
– candle
– dried flowers
– varnish
– beverage can
– paint brush

Step 1
Mix the mortar cement and sand (2*1). Cut off the top of the can. Grease the can with oil. Pour the mortar into the can as on the photo. leave it to harden for 24 hours.
Step 2
After the solution hardens, insert the candle. Put flower petals in a circle and lay out dried flowers.

On a steam bath melt paraffin and pour it into the mold. Put flowers on top. Set aside for a while to harden. Carefully remove from the mold as shown in the photo. Cover the concrete part of the candle with varnish.

The candle is ready.


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