How to sculpt a clay squirrel

Let`s learn how to sculpt a clay squirrel.

When we want to sculpt realistic images,I usually suggest to have a sample picture.

Today, however, I have not only an exemplary picture – I have a pretty realistic three-dimensional model!

Modeling clay squirrel

Rate this approach! Friends! If you want to teach children to love nature and animals ,it is best to acquaint them with a fairly realistic images.

Well, we start our step-by-step lesson of sculpting a squirrel.

Clay squirrel molding

Divide a piece of plasticine into two unequal parts. A big part of it is for body, smaller is the tail.

Plasticine squirrel

First, work on sculpting the torso.

Modeling clay squirrel-2

Squirrels have very large and fluffy tail. But unfortunately, if we are going to sculpt the tail in full size out of clay,it will be very heavy and bulky. So we have to reduce the tail.

Modeling clay squirrel -3

Connect the parts together. Add details – facial features, claws on paws and so on.

Clay squirrel -3

Now you know how to sculpt a squirrel from plasticine.

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