How to sculpt a lizard from clay

Let`s learn how to make a lizard from modeling clay. I mean sculpting with children in class with the purpose of development of the hands and skills of modeling. To inspire my children, I made a monitor lizard in the most typical pose – stretches relaxing in the sun push-UP from the ground.

Children, of course, also want so and vigorously took up sculpting.

I pre-made templates to specify the dimensions and the proportions of crafts.

Plasticine lizard step-by-step

Going to sculpt in one piece ,using the method of pulling.

Plasticine lizard

Now form the legs and to try to sample.

Modeling clay lizard

To make the tail and legs longer,mark bends:

Clay lizard

Sculpt toes:

Modeling clay monitor lizard

Well now, look what a wonderful plasticine lizard turned out:

Clay lizard

And this lizard was made by my little pupil:

Plasticine lizard


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