How to sculpt a lion out of clay

How to sculpt a lion out of modelling clay.

I do modeling from plasticine for training purposes.That is, I want to develop fine motor skills and hand strength of my pupils, to teach them how to work with such material as modelling clay. Of all possible topics for molding – sculpting animals in the best way to meet this goals. And besides, I love animals and want to instill this love in children.

For this reason, I teach how to sculpt realistic animals, not cartoon images. I advice to sculpt animals not from memory or imagination,but looking at a good picture.

Clay lion -2

And another tip – mold large sculptures ,for example, use sculptural clay packaging entirely.

We can sculpt any animal out of one piece, or first sculpt the details and then connect them. Both of these ways are good, but I prefer sculpting from a single piece.

  1. And now let’s move on to our lesson ” how to sculpt a lion out of clay”.
  2. Clay lion 3
  3. Plasticine Lion
  4. Modelling clay lion
  5. Plasticine lion -3
  6. Try to sculpt the head similar to a real lion’s face.

Plasticine lion face

And now meet our fresh made clay lion:

Clay lion



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