Chameleon from clay

Let`s learn how to make a chameleon out of modeling clay.

I sculpted basing on the picture.


I have not seen live chameleons and, therefore, sketched the picture with a photo from the Internet.So it turns out that this chameleon has a large, almost oval body, big head ,helical tail and a thin flimsy handles-legs.

Plasticine chameleon

I will sculpt it in parts. First make the torso and head:

Clay chameleon

Pull and twist tail in spiral. Sculpt four legs with clawed hands.

Modeling clay chameleon

Now combine it all together:

Clay chameleon 2

Tape bulging eyes and draw a cynical smile. The feet of chameleons are adapted to firmly grasp the branches. Well, let our plasticine Chameleon to move around the pen, instead of a twig.

Plasticine Chameleon


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