How to draw a hyena – step by step tutorials

Let`s learn how to draw a hyena.

There are three types of hyena – spotted, striped and brown. They resemble one another by image and their ways of life, but somehow differ. Hyenas got a bad reputation because of its nightlife, the stench and vile voice. Actually hyenas are considered scavengers. But, according to the scientists, hyenas, especially spotted, kill their prey themselves, rather than feed on carrion.

In accordance with the number of species of hyenas, we have prepared for you three step by step tutorials -how to draw a Hyena.

Spotted Hyena drawing

Look here: I chose a photo of a spotted hyena and right on the picture highlighted the scheme of the structure and most important features of the appearance: Hyena`s structure

Now we begin drawing-the very first and obligatory step of portraying any creature is making the pencil draft. Hyena pencil sketch

Now we are ready to start drawing our hyena itself. The largest part of hyena is its torso is short, and almost triangle: its massive shoulders are much higher than croup. Hyena torso

This is because the rear legs of the creature are always half bent:

Hyena rear legs drawing

The front legs are longer and more straight.

Step by step hyena drawing

Hyena neck is long and muscular. Its face is ugly and with big and wide ears somehow resembles the head of a wolf or a Fox, but the muzzle is shorter. Hyenas jaws are well developed to crack thick bones.

Hyena drawing 1

You guessed it – spotted hyena is so named because its coat is covered with spots:

Hyena colored drawing -7

I almost forgot to say -all the hyenas have along the spine a shaggy mane. Next lessonlearn how to draw a hyena decorated with stripes.

Striped Hyena drawing

The sequence of steps is the same. Begin with pencil outline:

Hyena pencil outline

Draw torso:

Hyena drawing 1313

Hind legs half-bent:

Hyena phased drawing

Add front legs:

Step by step Hyena

And the head:

Striped Hyena drawing

Surprisingly,with their dog-like appearance, hyenas are related to cats. Draw stripes:

Strped hyena drawing

We have learned how to draw two hyenas of three. The lesson about the brown hyena drawing will be in the form of a gallery.

Brown Hyena pencil sketch Brown Hyena step by step
Brown Hyena drawing 13 Brown hyena outline
And here it is in all the beauty of her brown fur:
Brown Hyena picture

Well,now we’re in the company of three hyenas – I hope they are not hungry now.

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