How to draw a Sheep and a Ram tutorial

How to draw a sheep and a male sheep(ram).

Everyone, I think, had the good fortune of seeing domestic sheep — such balls of wool on slender legs and with ingenuous muzzles with or without horns.


How to draw a male sheep (ram)

Probably, experts can point out many differences between a male and a female sheep, but for an outside viewer, they are all the same and from a distance differ only by these horns.

But it is necessary to start drawing not from horns but from a generalized sketch.

How to draw a ram tutorial

And then we draw according to the classical scheme.

Step 1 – draw the body. Note that the body of animals is usually not oval as it seems. In sheep, for example, the shape of the body practically approaches the rectangle with cut corners.

How to draw a sheep body

Step 2 – draw the hind legs:

Hind legs drawing

Step 3 -draw the front legs:

How to draw ram legs

Pay attention – on the whole body of the sheep there is a long thick fur, but on the legs the hair is short and smooth.

Step 4 – draw the head. The ram has an elongated muzzle with eyes wide apart, a lop-eared and with a slightly silly expression. On the sides of the head there are two twisted horns.

Sheep outline

We performed the linear drawing of the ram. Now we need to paint. I advise you to color it graphically, with the help of shading, this will help to show the texture of wool.

Ram colored drawing

Now we will try to draw a sheep(ram) rotated in the opposite direction

Ram drawing lesson 2

General scheme;

How to draw a Ram

Detalised pencil scetch:

Pencil Ram drawing

Body. The ram is not quite in profile, but slightly turned towards the viewer. Due to foreshortening the body seems short.

Ram(sheep) body drawing

Hind legs.

Sheep drawing

Front legs. I am always amazed when I look at sheep; large woolen bodies move on thin, thin legs.

Sheep drawing step by step

Сonical snout:

Sheep drawing tutorial

And finally we crown the head of a ram with twisted horns:

Ram outline

When painting, I advise you to use shading for reliable image of wool.

Colored Ram drawing

How to draw a Sheep

For amateurs in matters of animal husbandry, sheep look almost the same as rams. Hornless only. So we will draw them along the beaten path. We will find a picture and draw a pencil sketch first.

How to draw a Sheep

Next, as always: first we draw the body, it looks both oval and rectangular at the same time.

Sheep body drawing

Hind legs are covered with hair and do not look too thin.

Sheep drawing stepby step

The front legs are straight and very slender.

Sheep drawing tutorial

The head is conical. On the face itself, the hair is short, but the hairstyle is long and shaggy, so that because of the bangs, the eyes are barely visible.

 Sheep line drawing

Let’s color it in such a way as to emphasize the texture of the wool with shading.

Sheep colored drawing


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