Wild Boar head drawing tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a wild boar head.

Even adult domesticated hogs have a rather scary face. And wild boars have the whole face covered with hard dark bristles, long curved fangs protrude from the mouth and facial expression is very unfriendly. They look severe.

Well, now you’re mentally ready to begin to learn how to draw a boar’s head.

Boar’s head in profile drawing step by step

I am at a loss to tell you what is the structure of the head of this animal, so just look at his skull.

Wild boar skull

Draw a low forehead, long nose and jaw line.

Wild hog head drawing

Now add furry ears, small eyes and a characteristic nose on the muzzle end:

 Wild hog`s head drawing

His mouth is opened not so very widely, but it is all studded with fangs!

Wild boar head drawing

Now we shall draw the shadows and the wild boar portrait will be just like the real one.

Wild Boar head drawing

Some drawings of wild boar head

The head of a wild boar, drawn in three quarters:

Wild Hod Head drawing

Boar`s head drawn in profile:

Wild boar profile portrait

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