How to draw a newt(triton) tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a newt(triton).

Newt refers to amphibians and can live on land and in water. But he strongly prefers life in the water. So we are going to learn how to draw floating newt. In normal times, females and males of newts slightly differ, they are similar to lizards with frail legs.

First, let’s draw a regular Triton.


Triton step by step drawing – lesson 1

Please – here’s the sketch:

Triton pencil sketch

The body has a cylindrical shape, and the tail is not very long, flattened in a vertical plane.

Triton body drawing

Head is oval, roundnose with big eyes.

Triton step by step drawing

The legs of newts are thin, the front have 4 fingers, the rear at 5.

Triton line drawing

Triton`s coloration is not flashy, but usually with dark spots.

Triton colored drawing

So we found out a casual outfit of newt. But in the mating season the tritons bloom! The males look especially gorgeous.

Triton groom drawing

Newt sketch

At first the pattern seems the same as previous: head – body – tail.

Newt step by step

Add paws with long fingers:


And now the picture will become more interesting. Triton grew jagged crest on the back and on the tail.

Newt line drawing

The colors also became much smarter:

Newt during mating season

I liked this picture of the wedding Triton so much that I tracked down more photos and drew another pretty boy for you.

Newt drawing – 3

 How to draw a Newt

We will draw in the usual manner.

Newt outline Newt (triton)drawing lesson

And here is a picture of newt with a crest on the back:

Triton( newt)drawing

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