How to draw a lynx face and head tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a lynx face and head.

Lynx is a large spotted cat of our forests. Its face strongly resembles the face of a cat. But there are some differences. The “classic” lynx face is framed by sideburns and so it seems very round. The ears are triangular, large and with tufts of hair at the tips. Bobcat face looks about the same.

Lynx full face drawing

Draw a pencil sketch. Draw the middle line of symmetry and, most importantly, make sure that the two halves of the face turned out to be symmetrical.

Lynx face outline

Now I will highlight some of the features that give volume to the face of the lynx.

Lynx face step by step

Eyes are set slanting, the nose is short, closed mouth looks like a slit.

Lynx face drawing

Well, this portrait is similar to cat, now, let us give it the appearance of a lynx -decorate the ears with tufts and add sideburns.Lynx face drawing

How to draw a lynx’s head in profile

Lynx head in profile drawing

Steep forehead, shortish nose:

 Lynx's head in profile drawing

At first glance, very similar to the cat:

 Lynx's head in profile drawing step by step

But here’s the difference – sideburns and ears with tufts of hair at the ends:

Lynx head drawing-13

Let’s paint the resulting figure lynx head in profile:

Lynx head drawing.

And now this lynx head was drawn by my son, whom I taught to draw in my lessons:

Lynx head and face drawing-3

So learn how to draw in the rules and show your imagination.

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