How to draw a Beaver tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Beaver.

The beaver is one of the largest rodents in the world. His life is closely connected with the water, where he spends almost half of his life. The beaver can gnaw and fell trees from which he builds dams and homes. But he eats not so much the wood, but branches,twigs and grass.

And now we move on to drawing beaver.

How to draw a sitting beaver

The trunk is massive:

Beaver step-by-step

Cropped feet are webbed between the toes:

Beaver drawing

The head is large, but the facial features are hardly noticeable because the ears,nostrils and eyes are adapted to be closed under water.

Beaver head drawing

Front legs are much smaller and weaker than the rear. The body is covered with beautiful fur, but not all,because the tail is bald. The tail is flat like a paddle, so the beaver can slap very loud on the water.

Beaver line drawing

I don’t want to paint, but here are some shadows for relief.

Beaver drawing

What kind of brutal – I think it looks like Muskrats from Tove Jansson.

How to draw a walking beaver

How to draw a beaver

Here’s a step by step lesson:

  1. Beaver outline
  2. Beaver drawing lesson 2

Beaver phased drawing

Meet the beaver moving through the swamp:

Beaver drawing 13

Well?now you know well how to draw a Beaver.

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