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How to draw an Armadillo tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw an Armadillo.There are several species of armadillos. Some of them are huge, others small – but all these exotic creatures live far away, somewhere I’ve never been. I’ve never sailed the Amazon, I’ve never reached Brazil. And while I haven’t seen them, I’m not going to tell you a lot

How to draw a Buffalo tutorials

Let`s learn how to draw a Buffalo. I got interested in them when I read that Mowgli defeated Shere Khan by using a herd of Buffalo. What animal is this Buffalo? But if you look at Wikipedia, it turns out that many different animals are called so…even Bison! Well, we will draw a bison on

How to draw a Pangolin tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Pangolin. Pangolins are one of the rarest animals of the Earth. These animals belonging to the detachment of the placental mammals, they can be easily confused with armadillos. But despite the external similarity, these animals are completely different. In case of danger, pangolins curl up into a ball, so

How to draw a Tenrec tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Tenrec. -Yeah, well. Let us learn , but we just would like to know what it is at all. -This is the critter! I learned about the existence of tenrecs, when I read the tales of the people of Madagascar. Some mysterious tenrecs were common hunting prey – they

How to draw a Chinchilla tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Chinchilla. Chinchilla is a small rodent that lives in the mountains of South America. They have excellent quality thick and beautiful fur, which led to the fact that chinchillas were ruthlessly exterminated. Now the chinchilla is listed in the Red Book.These animals are bred on farms and as Pets.

How to draw a Tuatara tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Tuatara. Tuatara are reptiles which look very similar to lizards. But scientists have found that this similarity is superficial. Actually, tuatara are the most ancient reptiles and they have some unique features of the structure. The upper jaw of tuatara front has a beak outgrowth. On the outside it

How to draw a sloth tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a sloth. These amazing creatures have a purely arboreal lifestyle. It so happened that they feed almost exclusively on cecropia leaves ,which are very low in calories. Therefore, the metabolism of sloths is extremely slow. Almost all the time sloths spend hanging on a tree branch back down. Now we