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How to draw a realistic Gold Fish

Let us learn how to draw a Gold Fish. Gold fish descends from carp domesticated more than thousand years ago in Asia. It would be interesting, but … boring to tell how breeders gradually selected this kind of fish, changed its shape and coloring. Now any interested person has an opportunity to keep goldfish in

How to draw a Carp Fish

Let`s learn how to draw a Carp. We continue the theme – how to draw a fish. Carp is a relative of the sazan, just more domesticated. Carp can live in rivers and lakes.If the carp lives in running water, it has a more elongated torso and in still water carp is short and thick.

How to draw a Pike fish

Let`s learn how to draw a Pike. Of course, as it has become a habit, I have prepared a lesson on “how to draw a pike”. But I warn you once, that the pike from any point looks almost the same. Usually I encourage everyone to draw animals in a realistic way, not to resort

How to draw a Hammerhead Shark tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Hammerhead Shark. We have already studied how to draw a shark. Hammerhead looks pretty typical – it has a classic shark’s torso. A distinctive feature is the head which is similar to the hammer. However,in my opinion, this head is more like a double-edged axe. Hammerhead Shark drawing –

How to draw a Shark

Let`s learn how to draw a Shark. Sharks are an ancient group of cartilaginous predatory fishes. Various kinds of sharks look different, but usually they are recognizable thanks to the common features. For example – a very distinctive shark snout. How to draw a shark head and face Here’s a sharp nose as the ship

How to draw a ruff tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a ruff. Ruff is a freshwater fish that can be found both in rivers and in lakes. Ruffs are quite unpretentious and can endure harsh conditions – for example, quite strong pollution and even saltiness of water. But let’s move on to drawing a ruff. Take a pencil and draw