How to draw a Pike fish

Let`s learn how to draw a Pike.

Of course, as it has become a habit, I have prepared a lesson on “how to draw a pike”. But I warn you once, that the pike from any point looks almost the same. Usually I encourage everyone to draw animals in a realistic way, not to resort to stylization and cartoonish images, but pike will not be spoiled even in a cartoon. She has a very specific appearance – a sort of crocodile embodied in the fish.

Let`s start.

Pike fish drawing step by step

The outline will be like this:

Pike outline

Here‘s just a few lines,and all this pike is already clear. Elongated torso like a log abruptly narrowed in front of the tail. Pike drawing lesson

The head is large and even huge,it resembles a crocodile due to the long jaws. And just like a crocodile snout slightly snub-nosed. The eyes are small and round. The head is separated from the torso by gills,with the gill covers.

Pike drawing step by step

In this picture the pike is depicted with a closed mouth. It’s good. I really don’t approve of pike with open jaws. Once I was given a dried head of a pike. You would have seen these long curved inside teeth! Of course, I immediately stuck a finger in her mouth. And couldn’t pull out back. I came across several hooks. After I almost ripped my finger, I strongly prefer the pike with the closed mouth. And we turn to drawing the fins. The tail has two rounded blades. Dorsal and caudal fins are almost the same: Pike fish drawing step by step

On the belly and chest pike has two pairs of triangular fins.

Pike fins drawing

The fins have a complex structure – they consist of long dense spine.

Pike drawing

Pike usually has camouflage colors. It can be darker or lighter depending on habitat. If pike lives in the grass,its sides can be of the strip. Or it may be spotty. Pike colored drawing

Pike drawing lesson 2

The previous pike swam from left to right, now let’s study how this fish will look if it decides to swim from right to left.

Get started with a mandatory pencil cketch:

 Pike pencil sketch

When we have an approximate line drawing, we move on to a more specific drawing. And the first thing to do is draw the body.

Pike drawing lesson

Add a long “crocodile” face:

Pike drawing tutorial

Now we have to correctly place all the many fins.

How to draw a pike

And we will draw eyes and a mouth, which will confirm the strongest resemblance of a pike to a crocodile:

Pike Fish line drawing

I have another step-by-step lesson how to draw a pike, but it is, you know, just the same. So I’ll just show the final figure missing this detailed review. Pike fish picture


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