How to draw a ruff tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a ruff.

Ruff is a freshwater fish that can be found both in rivers and in lakes. Ruffs are quite unpretentious and can endure harsh conditions – for example, quite strong pollution and even saltiness of water.

But let’s move on to drawing a ruff. Take a pencil and draw an approximate scheme – it will serve as the basis for the future picture.

How to draw a Ruff

Now as we have a general plan, we will get down to the details.

Draw the body. It is oval, or rather has the shape of a banana or boomerang:

Ruff body drawing

At the front end of the torso is the head. Ruff is a simple fish and its face is quite modest – round eyes and small mouth.

Ruff head and face drawing

The tail has two vertical blades.

Ruff tail drawing

Now we have to draw fins. They are MUCH! And all have scientific names. But we are not ichthyologists and we will draw fins in this way, without in-depth study of the topic.

Ruff fins drawing

Ruff dorsal fin drawing

Well, I want to note that the dorsal fin is the most famous feature of the ruff – it is terribly prickly.

Ruff line drawing

And now we will paint our ruff outline:

Ruff colored drawing

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