How to draw a Stingray tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a stingray.

Skates are ancient cartilaginous fishes, relatives of sharks, by the way. Today many species of skates live in the seas and even in rivers. Many of them are able to generate electrical discharges.However, electric ray is the most dangerous of all. We’ll start with the lesson how to learn how to draw an electric ramp.

Electric ray drawing step by step

Hmm… Is this a fish? It is so similar to the frying pan. Okay, let’s start to draw, and then we shall understand who is who.

Draw a pencil sketch:

Stingray pencil sketch

The body is oval and flat – this shape is convenient for floating in water:

Electric ray body drawing

But then – the tail and fins are very similar to shark:

Stingray drawing lesson

On the head we see the eyes and the first pair of gill slits. The mouth is below – on the ventral side and we can not see it. The same applies to electrical organs – they are on the bottom side.

Stingray line drawing

At the beginning of this lesson, there was already a picture of how to paint this ramp. Therefore, I’ll show you another color picture of an electric ray:

Stingray drawing

It’s hard to believe, but pretty little blue patterns are actually powerful scales strong as teeth.

Well, we have learned how to gnash an electric ramp, I will publish lessons about other rays later.

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