How to draw a realistic Gold Fish

Let us learn how to draw a Gold Fish.

Gold fish descends from carp domesticated more than thousand years ago in Asia. It would be interesting, but … boring to tell how breeders gradually selected this kind of fish, changed its shape and coloring. Now any interested person has an opportunity to keep goldfish in the aquarium. Actually there are a lot of different types of the goldfishes, and we`ll learn how to draw the most common Gold Fish now.

The first step is the pencil sketch of the future picture. We can`t draw at random and must have a plan of our drawing:

Gold Fish pencil drawing

Gold Fish body is elongated, thick and strong, like the wild carp body, but without the hump on the back.

Gold fish drawing for kids



Look at the head: it is separated from body by the line of Gill cover. The eyes are large and are situated approximately in the middle. The mouth is a narrow crack in the middle too.

Gold Fish head and body drawing

Tail fin is very large if compared with the fin of any wild carp-like fish. Pectoral and pelvic fins also complement the appearance of the fish.

Goldfish drawing tutorial

And here is our picture of a Gold Fish: Gold Fish Picture

The entire body and fins coloration is Golden-red, which makes the appearance of this little fish very attractive. Goldfish drawing

As always I believe that one lesson-how to draw a Goldfish – is not enough . We need to learn more! GoldFish drawing tutorial 2

Goldfish-and-carp-drawing-0013 Golfish drawing stepby step
Goldfish-and-carp-drawing-0015 Goldfish easy drawing lesson

Here is the second picture – Gold Fish:

Goldfish Picture 49

Well, now I think I have learned how to draw a goldfish and I hope you too. And here is a picture of a goldfish that my son drew for you: Gold Fish drawing

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