How to draw a Skunk tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Skunk.

There are more than 10 types of skunks in the world, but the most common of them is a striped skunk. Today we will be drawing it.

Here all animals are just animals, and skunks are known as terrible stinkers. Skunks actually lead the most ordinary life, but we, of course, wonder how they use their formidable weapon! But I must say they do not spend it right-left just like that. They are trying in every way to prevent the worst course of events, and therefore, if they are attacked, they first stomp warningly, shake their tails and generally frighten the enemy. We will draw a skunk with a raised tail — this is not a threat yet, but it is clear that we should not joke with him.

Skunk drawing lesson

At first we made the most general schematic pencil sketch. Further, I advise him to clarify without working on the details yet.

Skunk drawing tutorial

And now we are ready to draw a skunk. The first stage is the body. Although the animal looks calm, anxiety is felt in its arched back.

Skunk body drawing

Skunks, like all their relatives, are plantigrade. Because of this, they look more stocky than graceful.

 Skunk drawing step by step

The tail is arched over the back like a fluffy question mark. The muzzle is very similar to the face of the honey badger.

Skunk outline

The coloring also resembles a honey badger – black legs and stomach and wide white stripes on the back and head.

Skunk drawing

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