How to make a decorative Christmas tree

We’re going to need it:
Styrofoam cone, natural dried reeds, tree branches, round sawed-off tree, twine, Christmas decorations (balls), some wrapping paper, fake snow (spray), glue gun

Step 1
Take some wrapping paper and cut off two small strips. Roll them up and use a glue gun to glue the bottom of the cone.

Step 2
Spreading evenly, glue the reeds onto the cone, stem side up. Trim the stems to the height of the cone. Cover them with the tops of the reeds and wrap them tightly with twine.


Step 3
Make a leg for our Christmas tree. Take a few sprigs of wood (one large one is fine) and tie them together with twine. Then use a glue gun to attach our piece to the wooden circle and wrap it with twine. Decorate with Christmas balls and apply artificial snow (spray).


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