How to draw a Peony step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a Peony.

When we have fresh flowers, I always campaigning to draw from nature. And I start to explain that it is necessary to draw accurately, exactly as the flower looks to achieve “the porter affinity. And it’s all right,when we want to learn to draw. And when you already know how to draw from life, sometimes something may come up. Today I got the peony, but many petals of this flower were not developed and he looks unpresentable. However, in his own way he is good, and looking at it, I can design and draw a large fluffy flower. The General plan of the picture will be like this: A big round flower on a long stem.In the empty places we will distribute beautiful pinnate leaves.

Peony line drawing

The pencil drawing looks good and we can now work with color:

Peony outline

Yes, if we draw such a delicate pink flower, that it is impossible to imagine his black-and-white picture – the peony deserves more! Now paint the petals in white pink and the stems and leaves are brown and green.

Peony coloring step by step

Strengthen tone and color:

Peony picture

Here’s that nature-peony with which I painted this picture:

Peony drawing from nature

This is a true portrait,I just did a little work with imagination. Now you know method how to draw a peony luxurious in any way.

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