How to make original candle holders from concrete

                                         How to make original candle holders from concrete
Decorative candlesticks – one of the few accessories that can be a nice gift, fill a corner in the house, decorate the fireplace, shelf and so on.
They do not have to buy them, you can make them with your own hands from improvised materials. It is beautiful and simple.
For manufacturing we will need:
– cement
– sand
– molds (plastic cups – 2 pcs)
– cookie molds – 2 pcs
– plastic tube
– glass glasses – 2 pcs
– varnish
– acrylic paint (gold)
– paint brush
– sponge
– marble pebbles, you can use sea pebbles
– candles – 2 pcs
– twine

Make a mortar of cement and sand 1*3. grease plastic cups with a little oil. Fill the mortar up to half of the glass and insert the glass. And pour the mortar again. Leave to harden for 24 hours. Also make heart and star molds. Oil the inside of the molds and pour the mortar. Insert plastic tubes to make an opening. Also leave to harden for 24 hours.

Remove the products from the molds.
We cover them with varnish and gold paint on the edges. Leave them to dry

Decorate candlesticks.
Pour pebbles into the glass and put candles. Wrap the twine around the stem of the glass and attach the heart and star.



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