How to make Easter decor

                                                                              How to make Easter decor
– gypsum
– molds 2 pcs
– small bottles 2 pcs

– acrylic varnish
– candle
– wooden circles 3 pcs
– twine
– glue gun
– dried flowers

Step 1
Mix the solution gypsum + water 3*1
Pour the solution into the molds. Leave to harden for 2 hours. We get 6 halves (see photo).

Step 2

Cover the plaster halves with acrylic varnish and leave them to dry.
Glue bottles and candle on wooden circles. Glue the halves to the bottles and candle from both sides, as on the photo.

Decorate the eggs with twine and decorate with dried flowers.
Easter decor is ready.


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