How to draw a Bowhead Whale tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a bowhead whale.

Bowhead whales live in the cold Northern waters reach 22 meters in length and live to be 100 and even up to 200 years! They feed on plankton – 18 tons per day. You can say they are not predators, but perhaps crustaceans that make up the bulk of plankton, don’t think so. Whales get their food by filtering the water through the whalebone sieve.And then the bowhead whaleswallows the harvest of zooplankton stuck among the plates of whalebone.

Bowhead Whale drawing lesson 1

No sketch not to do.

Bowhead Whale pencil sketch

The torso of a bowhead whale looks very well fed – this is understandable – after all, ihe accumulates a thick layer of fat to live in the cold Arctic waters.

Bowhead Whale drawing step by step

Draw the tail and front flippers:

Bowhead Whale step by step

The head of the whale is one third of the whole body.

Bowhead whale line drawing.

The whole whale has a dark color. There are a bright spots on the lower jaw and the neck and base of tail.

Bowhead Whale colored drawing

We have learned how to draw a whale – side view. Let’s learn how to draw a bowhead whale from the other side.

Bowhead Whale drawing lesson – 2

Bowhead Whale outline

We already know how to draw the torso:

Bowhead Whale torso drawing

The fins are small, the tail blades look in opposite directions:

Bowhead Whale drawing -13

On the crown we will see a little bump, there is a breathing hole through which a whale emits a fountain. The mouth of this whale is opened.

Bowhead Whale drawing 7

The plates of baleen hang from the upper jaw. Lower lip with two lobes covers the mouth for safety. The eyes are located at the corners of the mouth.

Color the picture of a whale:

Bowhead Whale drawing

Now, since I have learned how to draw a whale with a photo, I’ll try to paint a picture of the bowhead whale using imagination.

Bowhead whale Drawing

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