How to draw a Wolf Face tutorial

let`s learn how to draw a wolf face.

I’m not going to waste time saying that wolf is a terrible beast that he has very wise eyes and he is surrounded by an aura of romance. It’s all irresponsible chatter. So we’d better get to it.

Wolf full face drawing

It is important to remember that the face of the wolf is symmetric. Draw the middle line, show the lines of eyes and nose/

Wolf face drawing step by step

A generalized sketch turned out well. We can refine it.

Wolf full face sketch

In this picture, the face takes up little space, it looks big because of the fringing fur collar and large ears.

Wolf head and face drawing

Small eyes are set rather wide,their expression is very grim.The nostrils are directed at us like the barrel of double-barrel.Wolf full face drawingThat’s all. There are no more face features to draw. We will give the charisma using shadows.

Wolf full face drawing

Wolf profile face drawing

Make a pencil outline.

Wolf face pencil sketch

Remember the structure of the skulls of predators,it will help to draw correctly.

Wolf face and head drawing

The forehead is quite sloping, the nose is long.

Wolf profile drawing

The lower jaw looks unimpressive. But the eye is very expressive:

Wolf profile drawing

Add shadows and gray colorto wolf our picture:

Wolf face and head drawing

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