Chameleon coloring pages for kids

Chameleon is a very strange exotic creature. Really it belongs to lizards.

Here’s how they look in life.

There are many various types of chameleons, but none of them are longer than 60 cm. Chameleon differs from thin and quick common liszard very much. It`s body is stout and as it seems clumsy , helmet-like head is large and limbs, clinging to the trunk, are long and thin. What do you think – could this creature run among the foliage and branches of the trees where it dwells? Judging from very appearance it is impossible. Chameleon moves slowly and solemnly, on thin, fragile-looking, insect-like legs with clawing fingers and helping itself if need with a long strong curling tail. Usually it sits motionless waiting for different insects to catch and eat. Chameleon catches it`s victims with specially adapted to this purposes long supplied with suction cup tongue. It`s eyes can turn in every direction even asynchronously when searching something to eat.

Now you have a general idea of Chameleon, and I want to introduce you to my coloring pages Chameleon. Click the picture you like and print it for your pleasure.

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785321 037 Chameleon coloring page
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cham 002 Chameleon coloring-1

Well, there is another interesting thing about chameleon – it`s ability to change the color of body. Normally it is colored in the color of environment – green, partly grey and brown. But the color widely depends on a temper of a creature, if the last got the one. They say sometimes chameleon turns red or even black! So you may choose any color and pattern you like when it is time to paint.

But when coloring page chameleon is painted that is not all. Don`t stop, for now it’s time to put the imagination to work – draw leaves, branches and flowers around the animal. As for me, I like the last coloring page Chameleon, and here I drew this picture with it:

Chameleon drawing

I’m sure you can draw more interesting than I.

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