Giraffes coloring pages for kids

While preparing a lesson of drawing of a giraffe I got so inspired that drew a lot of coloring giraffes. Let’s see how this African animal looks. So we see that Giraffe is a surprisingly high animal – it has very long legs and neck. We also immediately notice that t giraffe is covered with brown spots of different shapes. However, drawing coloring giraffes Ioutlined only the contours of the bodies, and did not indicate spots. For this I have my reasons. Since I am a teacher, and my goal is to develop manual skills of children, over the years I have come to believe that kids don’t need very easy tasks. If everything is already prudently drawn, coloring pages just make the kid`s imagination and fantasy lazy.

So the coloring must contain the ability to use brain and finish the picture yourself. And here are the promised giraffes coloring pages: Giraffe coloring page Giraffe coloring page 2 Giraffe coloring
Running Giraffe coloring page Walking Giraffe coloring page Giraffe coloring 2
Standing Giraffe coloring page Galloping Giraffe coloring page Giraffe coloring sheet
Giraffe coloring 5 Giraffe coloring picture 8 Giraffe coloring page 3

Choose Giraffe you like and decorate it with spots.

I drew spots, as my imagination suggested:

Giraffe`s spots drawing

Colored Giraffe picture

Well done! But my Giraffe feels uncomfortable. I have to provide it a place to live and food.


Please – anything you want, dear, get your favorite Savannah and eat the leaves of acacia trees:

Giraffe picture

I’m sure you will be able to paint your giraffecoloring page much more interesting than I did

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