Realistic and funny donkey coloring pages

Here are some realistic donkey coloring pages.

Donkey Coloring picture
Donkey coloring sheet Baby donkey coloring page
Obstinate Donkey coloring page Donkey coloring sheet

And if you like funny pictures – print and color any of cute donkeys which I drew for you:

016 Shy donkey coloring page
running Donkey coloring page Donkey coloring picture

What color do you want to paint a donkey? – Brown or gray!

I prefer gray: Donkey coloring pageAnd what are you going to do with a painted donkey?

As for me, I will continue drawing to get story picture. I remembered the legend about Buridan’s donkey that could not choose between two equal bundles of hay and left hungry. Here is my illustration:Buridan`s DonkeyCertainly you will find your way how to finish any of the colorings so to get your wonderful picture.

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