Insect drawing

How to draw a Garden Spider

Garden Cross Spider drawing. Let`s learn how to draw spiders from the cobweb. Simply put, we can distinguish two types of spiders: hunters and spiders from the cobweb. Garden spider is of the latter type. With its large abdomen (females) and thin legs they are weak runners and chasers. Garden spider, or cross spider is

Learn how to draw a Fly

Let us learn how to draw a fly. Fly, as well as mosquito, belongs to the detachment of Diptera, what means two-winged. There are no other insects with two wings except for Diptera, the rest of insects are either four-winged or wingless at all.. And even flies and mosquitoes have some kind of second, reduced,

Learn how to draw an Ant

Let`s learn how to draw an Ant. Ant is one of the most common insects along with fly and mosquito. There are many different species of ants, but the ant is a common ant, which we are accustomed to see everywhere from early spring to late autumn. Ant belongs to the order hymenoptera, like a

How to draw a realistic Mosquito

Let`s learn how to draw a Mosquito. This annoying and even dangerous insects, along with no less annoying fly, belongs to the range of diptera – it means two-winged. Everybody knows a common mosquito for its itching bites and silent but awful noise. . Actually only mosquito females are bloodsuckers, their males feed on nectar.

How to draw a Bird Spider(Tarantula)

Tarantula – pet spider. The most conspicuous amongst the spiders is tarantula – extremely big tropical spider. Tarantula does not need a web, but it is too lazy to hunt, so it waits for the prey in the ambush. On the other hand, bodily tarantula is a typical hunter: long and very thick legs, wide

Learn how to draw a Cricket

Let`s learn how to draw a cricket. I’ve never seen live crickets. But Jiminy Cricket, who taught Pinocchio how to live and the cricket that sat on the nose of Uncle Charlie are my favorite characters.So I will learn how to draw a cricket with a lot of love. House Cricket drawing Hey, it is…the

Learn how to draw a Caterpillar

Have you ever seen caterpillars? Who are they? Are they worms? Or are they snakes? Neither one nor the other, the caterpillar is the larvae of butterflies. And another question – what period of life is more important for these insects: in voracious creeping caterpillar, or in the form of a flying butterfly. Let`s learn