How to draw a mandarin duck tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a mandarin duck.

It is considered to be the most beautiful of all ducks.

But in fairness it must be said that only males wear such multicolored plumage, and they molt for the winter and then look quite modest.

But let’s go to the drawing lesson.

How to draw a Mandarin duck

We chose a good picture and first made a pencil sketch.

Next you have to draw step by step.

Step 1 – draw the drop-shaped body. There is still complexity – the body, like in most birds, is located not vertically and not horizontally, but somehow intermediate:

Mandarin duck body drawing

Step 2 – draw the head. The neck seems thick because of the mane of feathers on it.

Mandarin duck step by step drawing lesson

Step 3 – the legs. They look like all ducks – the swimming membrane is stretched between the fingers, and the fingers themselves are equipped with sharp claws.

Mandarin duck drawing tutorial

Step 4. Draw all the amazing and very beautiful plumage, which distinguishes mandarin so much.

Mandarin outline

Step 5 – coloring:

Mandarin duck colored drawing

Now you have learned how to draw Mandarin.


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