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How to draw a Hen/Chicken

Let`s learn how to draw a hen – I mean it’s a female grown up chicken. I will write a separate lesson about how to learn how to draw young little chicks later. Contents 1 How to draw a Hen – lesson 1 2 Step-by-step Hen drawing lesson 2 3 Hen(chicken) head drawing lesson How

How to draw a Duck step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a Duck. This is another article from the series “How to draw waterfowl”. Although we call waterfowl duck, I have to admit that this bird is good on the ground and flies well. Yes, although they have a heavy flight, our wild ducks fly South for the winter. Our first

How to draw a turkey tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Turkey. Turkey is a popular poultry. It originated from the domestication of wild turkeys. I was very sorry for these birds, because when I decided to read something about them on the Internet, all the information offered was just recipes for dishes from these delicious turkeys that turned out