How to make Easter decor

                                                                  How to make Easter decor

Easter is a bright holiday and requires special decorations. Easter decor will help you celebrate the holiday with joy and cheerfulness. I propose to make an original Easter vase.
– Wooden circles (2 pcs with a diameter of 16cm, 1 pcs with a diameter of 6cm)
– floral sponge (you can use Styrofoam)
– glass flask
– dry moss
– quail egg shell
– feather
– dry twigs
– Easter chick
– glue gun

Step 1
Glue a glass flask onto a wooden circle, 16cm in diameter. On both sides of the flask, attach a floral sponge to the circle and cut it to the size of the circle. Attach the second wooden circle. Attach the resulting workpiece to the circle with a diameter of 6 cm (see photo).

Close the gap between the two circles – glue dry moss onto the floral sponge.

Step 3
Attach the twigs, quail egg, Easter chick and feather.

The original vase for a festive table is ready.



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