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How to draw a Bull step by step



We continue the study of the topic “Cattle drawing”.

Let`s learn how to draw a Bull. What is the bull?It is a male cow -he-cow. They look similar,but,of course ,there are differences. And it’s not only the external sexual characteristics, but the exterior as a whole. The same animal,but castrated,calledthe ox” and harnessed to a  cart, or forced to plow the land. However the life of the bulls is not to be envied: they are fed heavily to  be scored for meat. And some are intended for bullfighting.

Anyway, we come to the drawing of a bull.

 Step by step Bull drawing – lesson 1Bull drawing

Step ! – draw a pencil sketch. It certainly needs to be done and this sketch will determine how well you will be able to make a drawing. On this sketch we will note the overall size of the animal,outline diagram of the internal structure, especially bends of the legs.

Bull pencil sketch

Now we are ready, you will agree that it is clear how to draw a bull. And we begin with the torso. Spin is not smooth, there are  humps on the withers and the rump.The torso is bulky but compact, taut stomach, on the neck hangs a large skin fold.
Bull drawing step by step
Draw the back legsvery shapely:
Bull drawing for kids -3
The front legs also slender and even direct:
Bull  drawing  step by step
Head is turned to the viewer.The forehead is broad,eyes are set wide apart, the muzzle is conical:
Step by step Bull drawing
Now draw horns, ears, add  tail and don’t forget to show that our bull  is a male:
Bull line drawing
And the second bull(and ox) drawing tutorial:

Bull drawing – side view

Bull and ox drawing

Click images to enlarge and learn step by step how to draw a  mighty, huge Bull.

 And this is the bull drawing in profile -a real mountain of muscles:

Bull drawing tutorial

Since I am a vegetarian,I look at this magnificent animal with no appetite.



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