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Learn how to draw a Koala



Let`s learn how to draw a Koala.

Koala photo

Koala is a marsupial animal from Australia. It lives in the crowns of eucalyptus trees, feeding on bitter leaves , and rarely descends to earth as a bird or a monkey. The appearance of  Koala is widely known, because this creature resembles a small and cute  bear, Teddy Bear toy almost. To be true, we cannot say that we know a lot about it`s ways, but at least we can draw the image of a Koala. Here is the fisrst  tutorial -how to draw a Koala hanging on a branch.

Koala drawing step by step

Koala colored picture

The first obligatory step for us should be drawing a pencil sketch!
Koala pencil sketch
The animal does not look athletic, but rather plump:
Koala drawing 13
Koala  is clinging to a branch the way as it does the the sloth – hanging back down.  Koala rear paws are longer than the front and therefore they are slightly bent in this position of the body:
Koala step by step
Front legs are short  and plump:
Step by step Koala drawing
Broad rounded head of this cute animal looks rather large when compared with the torso:
Koala drawing 49
The head of the Koala  is turned in our direction, so you can see its face. The ears are very large, with long hair. A forehead as big and wide . And with its button, rounded  eyes and  black rubber nose, Koala looks good-natured, cute and touching, and at the same time quite serious – try to portray it on your picture.

Koala drawing – lesson 2

Here is a fine photo of a cute koala.


As I am now learning how to draw animals, I will try to get the maximum benefit from this image. I’ll copy it twice.

Koala drawing lesson 2

Koala drawing lesson 2-1

Rate the usefulness of this approach to the case.

Koala`s torso drawing

Here are the twins turned out:

Koala picture-1

Koala picture 3

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