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How to draw a swan



We decided to learn how to draw a swan. But what kind of a bird is this?

There are a lot of different stories about swans. They are depicted in poems and paintings. For a humankind swan is a symbol of purity and grace, wisdom and revival. It is not hard to imagine if to look at the bird, snow-white, stately, graceful, strong, large, with its wings two meters in width while unfolded.


The swan is able to swim and fly enormous distances, but walking on the ground it looks clumsy.

Step by step swan drawing lesson 1

Now let`s begin to  draw a Swan. The first picture looks like this:

How to draw a Swan

Pencil sketch is required at the start. While we were drawing a sketch, we tried to understand the structure of the bird figure, right? If you succeed, then it will be easier to draw.

The body is oval, so to speak, but the base of the neck is lowered, and the tail is sharply raised.

How to draw a swan

Draw a long neck and head with a beak:

Swan drawing lesson

Here you need to be careful  – we will draw spread wings. First, we outline the left wing, which is closer to us:

Swan drawing tutorial

And this left wing partially overshadows the right, so be very careful to draw the second wing exactly in its place.

Swan outline

Since this is a white swan, then to paint it it will be enough for us to show the shadows.

 colored drawingWhite swan

Swan drawing lesson 2

Swan drawing -13

This swan is simply floating half submerged in water with its wings folded above the back.

You see that this Swan is easy to draw, but you have to notice some facts. It is true that swan on the water`s surface resembles figure 2 thanks to its long and curved neck.But do not forget that winged and feathered swan`s torso is in comparison much more larger. Do not forget that the neck of the swan is long, but its body is longer.


  1. Start with the pencil sketch -only the general shape:

How to draw a swan-1

This are  construction lines, so keep your pencil light.

2. You see that swan`s wings are folded above the neck, look and see the way they are folded – not entirely, but partly and partly lifted, and with long, visibly prominent feathers fluffed, adding size and volume to the bird.

How to draw swan`s wings

3. Keen, folded tail protrudes from behind of the swan. Its legs and lower parts of the torso are immersed in water and invisible to us.

Swan drawind   step by step instruction.

So try to show the line of water`s  surface on your picture, and do it right way, not like line of the horizon.

4. Draw long arched neck .

Swan figure

5. Add small oval head.

Swan line drawing

Whole swan is white-colored, with black growth above the base of a beak, continuing with a black triangular spot around small eye, and with red beak. Our picture of a  swan is complete.

May be it is that very swan , which was called Pooh?

But let us continue the study of how to draw a Swan.

Flying Swan drawing

Start with the pencil sketch:
Pencil sketch of a flying swan
First draw the trunk of a Swanin flight we see on the belly, but the back is hidden by wings. Graceful long neck is stretched forward.
Step by step Swan drawing
Add legs and a head with a beak.
Flying Swan drawing
Wings  are wide open:
Swan drawing lesson
And here is our picture -Flying Swan:
Flying Swan drawing
Now you know how to draw a floating Swan and a Swan in flight.



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