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How to draw a Dolphin tutorial



Let`s learn how to draw a Dolphin.


You certainly know that dolphins, although live in water and are very similar to fish, yet are mammals. Scientists believe that animals such as whales and dolphins for the second time switched to aquatic life. And in the water, the most convenient form of the body is as in fish. Thank God there are still many different kinds of dolphins. And the first we draw a bottlenose dolphin.

Bottlenosed dolphin drawing lesson

The structure of the body is so simplified that I will not even encourage you to draw a scheme – the drawing itself will be like a scheme.

Well, draw  the body, it is conical, or rather spindle-shaped:

Dolphin drawing tutorial

During the swim the dolphin gracefully bends.

Now draw the “fins”.

The front are on the sides of the chest, on the back there is also a triangular fin. And still – tail, consisting of two blades, located horizontally, but not vertically, like in fish.
 How to draw a dolphin
I don’t see much  similarity of a dolphin nose with a bottle – just jaws extended forward. But the dolphin’s forehead is high and steep, it’s not for nothing that they are considered almost the most intelligent animals.
Dolphin  outline
And now we will slightly color the picture.
Dolpin drawing
So, you learned how to draw a swimming bottlenose dolphin.



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