Drawing and crafts

Drawing from nature

How to draw a Chili pepper from nature

Let`s learn how to draw  Chili pepper. You can just find a lesson on drawing red pepper on the Internet and copy it. But there is a better way Рbuy a pod of real pepper and draw it looking at nature. You should always start with a general schematic sketch with lines. The shape

How to draw a pumpkin in watercolor

Let`s learn how to draw a pumpkin. We want similarities like in life and will draw from nature. To make it more interesting, let’s cut a piece and compose a still life. The most generalized scheme of this composition looks like this: And this is a more detailed pencil drawing: Well, it’s time to paint

How to draw pansies step by step

Let`s learn¬† how to draw pansies. Pansies are a beautiful flower from the violet family. So call them a violet – you won’t be mistaken. I just put the twig on a white background and tried to evenly distribute the side shoots and leaves to get a beautiful composition. We start the drawing with a

How to draw grapes

Continuing the theme of how to learn to draw fruits and berries. Let`s learn how to draw a bunch of grapes. Of course, if you have the opportunity to get real grapes, you need to draw from nature. But for a drawing lesson I will not choose a very large bunch. Generalized form of this

How to draw a Maple tree branch with leaves tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a maple tree branch with leaves. There are many types of maples, I chose the most ordinary – Acer platanoides. Here a twig with beginning to turn yellow leaves: As we are now learning to draw, we are not only interested in the Botanical aspect, but more in the sequence

How to draw mushrooms

Let`s learn how to draw different mushrooms. I mean not to draw stylized cartoon mushrooms, so that the pattern resembled real prototypes. And for this we need to learn how to draw mushrooms from nature. This is the surest way, although not the easiest. But we were not going to strive for simplicity. Let’s get

How to draw an oak branch with leaves

Let`s learn how to draw a tree branch with leaves. I chose the oak,to his example to show all the stages of drawing. We will act as follows. First, we need to consider the branch and put it in front of themselves so that the leaves looked good. If the leaves bristling,they need a little