How to draw a pumpkin in watercolor

Let`s learn how to draw a pumpkin. We want similarities like in life and will draw from nature. To make it more interesting, let’s cut a piece and compose a still life.

The most generalized scheme of this composition looks like this:

Pumpkin line drawing

And this is a more detailed pencil drawing:

Pumpkin drawing ste-by-step

Well, it’s time to paint our pumpkin. The watercolor should be applied in layers. First, light colors, and then move on to darker ones.

Everything seems to be fine – the pumpkin is drawn and looks like a living one. But something is missing. Namely, shadows! Yes, without shades, this pumpkin seems to hang in the air.

We’ll have to paint shadows.

Pumpkin colored drawing

Now let’s compare with our nature:

How to draw a Pumpkin in watercolors for kids

Now you know how to draw a pumpkin in watercolor.

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