How to draw an oak branch with leaves

Let`s learn how to draw a tree branch with leaves. I chose the oak,to his example to show all the stages of drawing.

We will act as follows. First, we need to consider the branch and put it in front of themselves so that the leaves looked good. If the leaves bristling,they need a little smoothing,but not Ironing – because the branch needs to look natural. And now we don’t touch the nature – let it lie quietly.

Take a rectangular sheet of paper and place it vertically. Mark with a pencil the branch and average leaf veins.

Oak branch outline

Now draw the general outlines of the leaves but you got to work with a pencil without pressure.

Oak branch step by step

And only now is the time to start drawing the characteristic sinuous contour of the leaves. And, of course, we will, of course, draw from life, and not to invent out of our head.

Oak branch drawing from nature

Draw the leaves one by one exactly how they look in life.

Oak branch outline

Pencil drawing is ready. But it looks pale and I circled all the lines with a Sharpie.

Oak branch with leaves drawing

I propose to paint with watercolors:

Oak branch drawing 17


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