How to draw a Wild Rose step by step

Do you know this flower?

I found so many different names of this flower,just amazing:wild rose, dog rose, brier, rosehip.I can’teven believe it’s all one and the same flower.Well,I think that the wild rose and dog rose arethe most widely known.

Let`s learn how to draw a Wild Rose.

It is clear that you draw the entire twig with flowers, but not a single flower. So we draw a diagram of the branches:

Wild Rose Drawing

Now it’s time to consider flowers details.

Wild RoseDog Rose photo

Draw as you see – from nature:

Rose hip drawing

The flowers of dog rose are five-petaled. The petals are broadly heart-shaped. In the centre of the flower there is a small pistil, surrounded by stamens that are short with small brown anthers. And draw the whole sprig:

Wild Rose drawing

Rose leaves are unpaired-pinnate.Each consists of five oval leaflets,four – in pairs and one -the biggest -on top.

Dog Rose drawing step by step

Let’s paint our picture.

Wild Rose drawing

Now yuo know how to draw a Wild Rose. And a Dog Rose also.

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