How to draw grapes

Continuing the theme of how to learn to draw fruits and berries.

Let`s learn how to draw a bunch of grapes. Of course, if you have the opportunity to get real grapes, you need to draw from nature. But for a drawing lesson I will not choose a very large bunch.

Generalized form of this brush is approximately like a triangle. But we are not going to draw this triangle, in order later not to get lost in the lines. First, we’ll start to draw a branch where the berries are located.

Grapes drawing

Now we have to hang the grapes correctly. I mean that we need to place the “berries” exactly where they are on this thread. The grapes are oval, but not the same size.

Grapes pencil drawing

Take a look at our nature and compare it to the drawing. If it happens to look similar, then we can start to clarify the details:

Grapes drawing from nature

Please note that the grapes do not lie in the same plane,some of them are obscured by others.

Grapes line drawing

And now it’s time to paint our picture.

Grapes colored drawing


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