How to draw a teapot lesson

Let`s learn how to draw a teapot.

As a model, I chose a small, compact teapot, which serves us faithfully during tea parties.

Our teapot has a rounded body, a lid, a pouring spout and a handle. Its sides are decorated with a pattern with roses, but for our purposes it doesn’t matter – we, most importantly, want to learn how to correctly depict the FORM of a teapot. And it is also important for us to understand that the depicted object does not hang in a void, but stands on a plane (table), which has its own boundaries – we will certainly show the visible edge of the table in the figure.

How to draw a teapot “in profile”

Snth 1

We’ll start drawing by marking up the dimensions: height, width and overall shape.

Teapon pencile outline

Step 2

Draw the shape of the body – it is oval. Remember to maintain symmetry. Draw the shape of the body – it’s oval. Remember to maintain symmetry, and the axis of symmetry dividing the picture in half is our most important tool for comparing the halves.

Teapot drawing step by step

Step 3

Define in general the shape of the handle and spout. Оutline the shape of the lid.

Teakettle drawing lesson

Step 4

And now flesh out the whole image:

Kettle pencil drawing

Step 5

For the volume of the image , we need to draw shadows.

How todraw a teapot

Teapot drawing lesson 2

Let’s turn our kettle a little.

 Teapot picture

It will be a little more difficult to draw a teapot in this position, but I believe that we can handle it. The sequence of steps in drawing will be the same: from general to specific.

Step 1

Teapot pencil scheme

Step 2

Teakettle drawing instruction

Step 3

How to draw a teakettle

Step 4

Teakettle pencil drawing

Step 5

Teapot drawing for kids

I drew shadows with a marker and with pencil, and it turned out interesting and funny.

Teapot drawing

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