How to draw a Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara)

Let`s learn how to draw Tussilago farfara flowers. But what is it – Tussilago farfara?

When I drew it and prepared all ste by step photos for a lesson I began to search the Internet for the name of the flower which we call “mother-and-stepmother” because the leaves of this plant have one side hard,smooth(stepmother), and the other – gentle, fluffy and soft – real Mother. On the Internet I found these names of this plant -coltsfoot and foalfoot. Well, it’s probably due to the rounded shape of the Tussilago farfara leaves.

However, the leaves appear in the summer and in spring we see the flowersthey’re small, yellow and very similar to dandelions. Do you recognize this flower? Here Ioffer you my step-by-step foalfoot drawing tutorial. See here -Idrew my coaltsfoot from nature and if you like it and you too will start to draw flowers from nature, it will be great.

Coltsfoot pencil sketch Foalfoot pencil outline
Coltsfoot (foalfoot) drawing Coltsfoot stems drawing

And here is the final picture of Tussilago farfara:

Tussilago farfara drawing

Draw like me, draw better than me!

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