How to draw Bird Cherry Flowers from nature

Let`s draw the branch of a blossoming bird cherry. I love that time when bird cherry blossoms. Although the most great thing about the flowers of the bird cherry is their delightful smell, the view of blossoming branches is also very nice. So here is the lesson of bird cherry flowers drawing from nature.

I just put a branch in front of me and drew its realistic portrait:

Bird Cherry flowers

And here is how it was done step by step/
The first thing -we must outline the branch, note the size and direction of side-shoots and leaves.

Bird cherry sketch

Now draw the leaves,and properly show their shape and location:

Bird cherry sketch 2

Here I circled the drawing with colored pencils,so you can see it better:

Bird cherry drawing from nature

Please note veins very clearly appear on the leaves ,they resemble a skeleton, with ribs. Coloring leaves in green color we shade in the direction of the veins

It’s time to draw five-petal small flowers collected in inflorescence:

Bird cherry flowers drawing 13

Coloring leaves in green color we shade in the direction of the veins:

Bird cherry flowers Drawing 49

The leaves of bird cherry have a deep green color, and so we have to paint in several layers:

Bird Cherry Flowers Drawing

Well here is a picture of a blossoming bird cherry, but it is a pity that it is not fragrant.

Here is a step by step drawing tutorial -How to draw a

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